What does a Dane County Supervisor do?

What do I do as the District 1, Dane County Supervisor? Here’s a summary. The Dane County Board of Supervisors meets twice a month except for only once during July and August. Our meetings start at 7 PM and have lasted past midnight, but have also been over in less than 30 minutes. Most often, committees […]

Can we afford to say “No Thanks?”

While many of us enjoy a lifestyle often named among the best in the country, our neighbors of color continue to face discrimination in multiple forms including education, employment, and the criminal justice system. One area of discrimination is the likelihood of being arrested for marijuana use. African-Americans in Wisconsin are much more likely to […]

Salty Dogs, Salty Lakes

Earlier this year, my husband Scott and I adopted Hercules from a dog rescue organization. It has been a couple of winters since our previous dog passed away and we long ago gave away our dog accessories. We were unprepared for the early snow and cold this November. We’ll have to get Hercules some dog […]