E-Cigarette Issues

For over thirty years I have worked to promote a smoke-free Wisconsin. I authored and helped usher through the Legislature the original Wisconsin Clean Indoor Air Act and more recently, passage of the Smoke Free Wisconsin Act which expanded the smoking ban to workplaces. Now we face a new threat to our right to breath […]

Upgrading Wisconsin Natural Resources

Wisconsin is gifted with fantastic natural resources – rivers, lakes, and forests, and a state park system to be proud of. Conservation and environmental issues are a deep concern to many Wisconsinites, regardless of political affiliation. However, control of our environment and water resources is being taken away from the people and sold out to […]

Civil Service Overhaul Goes Backwards

Wisconsin was one of the first states to adopt a merit and experience-based civil service hiring system with the passage of the Civil Service Act of 1905.  It was sponsored by my grandfather, Ernest N. Warner, who was in the State Assembly and was the sole author of 1905 Assembly Bill 5 which passed the […]

Serving the People of the 26th Senate District

While most legislation deals with human behavior and welfare, efforts to provide for the care and welfare of pets and other animals is also important. This session I am working on two initiatives that will help strengthen our laws to protect animals from injury and abuse. Two sessions ago I cast the lone vote in […]

Preserve Safe Options for Biking and Walking

Bicycling, walking, and other healthy activates are very popular throughout the state. Safe and accessible bikeways and pedestrian ways are vital to thriving local communities and bicycling is important to Wisconsin’s tourism industry and economy overall. Bicycling produces a $1.9 billion economic impact to the Wisconsin economy and is responsible for more than 13,000 jobs. […]

Serving the people of the 26th Senate District

The 2015-17 session of the Wisconsin State Legislature began on Monday January 5, 2015. The session looks to be a difficult one and the legislature will be facing a number of signifi cant fiscal and policy issues. After four years under the Walker Administration, Wisconsin is 37th in the nation in job growth and is […]