Do What You Can

With so much attention at the national level this year, it has been easy to lose track of issues and events in our own community. Now is a great time to re-engage in local issues affecting our neighborhood, our downtown and our city and to rediscover the people and things that make Madison a great […]

Neighborhood Diversity

In advance of the annual neighborhood conference this month at Monona Terrace, the Wisconsin State Journal ran a series focusing on the many different neighborhoods in the City of Madison. The series highlighted many of the approximately 100 neighborhoods in the city and the features that make each neighborhood unique. Each neighborhood in the city […]

Downtown Market Study

As many of you know, the City of Madison has hired a consultant to prepare a retail and market analysis of downtown Madison to better inform policy decisions related to the future of the downtown business districts. The consultant, Tangible Consulting, is conducting an online survey of downtown residents (which all Capitol Neighborhoods members recently […]

Downtown is for People

Last month would have marked the 100th birthday of Jane Jacobs, the influential writer who challenged traditional urban planning in the 1950s and 1960s. A central part of Jacobs’ view of a city is embracing the vibrancy and diversity that makes city life unique. Her most famous work, The Death and Life of Great American […]

Saving the Downtown Post Office

As part of the upcoming renovation of the Madison Municipal Building, the United States Post Office that has been located in the building for several decades will need to be relocated, at least temporarily. The initial proposal by the United States Postal Service was to permanently relocate the downtown post office to the current location […]

A Vision for the Capitol Square

The Capitol Square is the heart of our downtown. As downtown residents, we are fortunate to be able to access the square relatively easily and enjoy the experience of walking around the square, dining at any number of establishments, and visiting locally-owned boutique stores.Over the next two years, the City of Madison will undertake the […]

Downtown Businesses

There has been much discussion recently about changes in the types of businesses downtown, including a perceived increase in restaurants and bars and a perceived decrease in retail stores. The 2015 State of the Downtown Report recently released by Downtown Madison, Inc. includes a wealth of data and information on downtown issues, including the mix […]

Homeless Services

Capitol Neighborhoods recently hosted a forum on downtown homeless services to provide residents with an opportunity to hear about the outstanding work that many organizations are doing on this issue. We as downtown residents are generally very familiar with and educated about homeless issues and recognize that improving homeless services and facilities in our city […]


This is an exciting time for Capitol Neighborhoods! After several months of behind the scenes work, we are in the process of rolling out our new website and electronic membership system. This is the culmination of an effort we started over a year ago to explore how to better communicate with our members and the […]


Community partnerships are important in many parts of our lives, especially in neighborhood and non-profit organizations where financial resources are limited and the reach of our initiatives extends only so far as our members and volunteers are able to carry them. Partnerships enable us to work together, to maximize and prioritize resources, and to reach […]