The way we communicate with each other continually evolves. Take this newsletter, for example. When Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc. was founded in 1984, a periodic paper newsletter, delivered by mail to each member, was the predominant form of communication among businesses, non-profit organizations, and other groups. Now, 30 years later, the effectiveness of this form of […]

Dental Facility Recycles Oral Care Products and Earns Money for Charity

Artisan Dental has begun the first and only oral care products recycling program in the Dane County area, helping to keep toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers and mouthwash containers out of landfills. The Artisan Dental Recycling Program participates with the Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade®, and TerraCycle®. The program also earns money for charity, […]

Mendota Rowing Club

Brrr! Winter came early this year, and chased inside by a polar-flavored wind, Mendota Rowing Club (MRC)’s indoor activities have begun in earnest. Located in historic Bernard’s Boathouse in James Madison Park, the all-ages member organization stores boats, meets, and trains there, year-round. MRC continues its mission of providing rowing opportunities to the community by […]

What Customers Have Been Waiting For

Madison Water Utility first in state to launch “ultimate conservation tool” How much water do you use watering your lawn? How about doing laundry or taking a shower? Madison Water Utility customer service representative Pam Mousely says there used to be just one way to find out. “You could go down (in the basement), read your […]

A Year To Remember

With the coming of another Winter, my 56th on this earth, I’m already remembering this past spring and summer as one of the best any gardener could have wished for. After a record breaking long winter last year, this past spring brought a beautiful show of Daff odils, Scilla, Tulips, Allium, Bleeding Hearts and Blue […]

Now & Then: Deco Detail

The State Office Building is an Art Deco gem. The building at 1 W. Wilson Street–conceived when Art Deco design was widely popular for commercial, institutional and government buildings–took nearly thirty years to complete. The first section to be built was the north wing (on the left as you face the main entrance), completed in […]

Salty Dogs, Salty Lakes

Earlier this year, my husband Scott and I adopted Hercules from a dog rescue organization. It has been a couple of winters since our previous dog passed away and we long ago gave away our dog accessories. We were unprepared for the early snow and cold this November. We’ll have to get Hercules some dog […]


A few weekends ago during one of the last warm autumn days before winter weather set in, I tagged along with a friend when he brought his dog to the Brittingham Dog Park, near Broom Street and John Nolen Drive. Like many downtown residents, I have driven by the very nondescript dog park countless times […]