Save a Tree in Brittingham or Law Park

cni-treeThe City has established an Adopt-a- Park-Tree program whereby individuals or groups can adopt a specific tree(s) in a park and pay for the chemical treatment that has proven effective at saving ash trees from the certain death that comes with an infestation of the emerald ash borer (EAB). Capitol Neighborhoods Inc. (CNI) is setting up a special fund for neighborhood residents to participate in the Adopt-a- Park-Tree program.

Contributions to this fund will allow CNI to hire a private contractor, approved by the City, to provide chemical treatment of selected ash trees in downtown parks. By pooling the donations of residents we can more effectively use this money and also obtain better pricing for the treatment. The treatments have shown to be effective for a period of three years after which a subsequent treatment is required.

The cost to treat an individual tree is expected to be around $225.00. There are about 30 ash trees in Brittingham and Law Parks.

Donations of any amount can be made to Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc. at P.O. Box 2613 Madison, WI 53701 or online through the CNI donation page. Please note with each donation that it is for the EAB Park Tree Fund. All donations to CNI are tax deductible.

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