Tenney Park Restoration Work

We are all very aware of the construction work that has been underway on Johnson Street, but I wanted to give you an update of the work that is being done at Tenney Park as well. From the bike path to the shoreline restoration of the Tenney Lagoon, the improvements will make it an even better destination for residents and visitors.

The Tenney Park bike path that parallels Johnson Street is in poor condition and will be reconstructed as part of the overall 2015 project. The path will be widened, there will be additional LED lights, and the path will be reopened in time for the beginning of school.

The Tenney Lagoon is also getting a facelift as much of the shoreline around it, along both the mainland and the island, shows signs of instability and erosion. The erosion is the result of several factors, the most significant of which are non-cohesive soils, insufficient root mass, and muskrat damage.

This project will stabilize the banks via two methods: vegetated buffers, or a thick planting on the shore and coir logs, which are densely packed fiver logs used to stabilize eroding bands. In some areas, the installation of these stabilization methods will be coordinated with invasive brush removal. This brush removal will help stabilize the shoreline as well as improve native habitat. Be forewarned though, the shoreline will not look the same.

There will also be some tree removal specifically for three reasons, shoreline work, bike path reconstruction and of course ash removal. The most significant of these is due to Emerald Ash Borer. Staff will replace the trees with a more sustainable variety as soon as possible.

While we look forward to the completed changes, there will be some impacts on visitors during the work this summer. The shelter will not be available for reservations, the bike path will be detoured and there will be no access to the island while the shoreline work is underway. The lagoon will also be drained during the stabilization.

Thanks for your patience while the work is underway.

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