The Spirit Of Giving

What a wonderful year this has been for every kind of horticulture here in Wisconsin. Everything from small gardens to large farming operations enjoyed nearly ideal weather conditions, and the results were amazing. Period Garden Park in the Mansion Hill district had one of the best years since we started it’s restoration nine years ago. June was particularly  awesome for the rose bed, as it flowered more than any previous year. I hope many of you reading this had many chances to visit there and enjoy the peace and beauty of this small city garden park.

I’m finding it is necessary to ask for an outpouring of local support to help us in the coming year by donating what you can to keep the park beautiful and safe. While we have gratefully had some corporate support in the past, many companies have chosen to give to other worthy causes in the past few years.

I’m hoping with the coming holiday season, members of CNI and local residents will find a way to donate to our park fund to keep Period Garden Park the beautiful public space it is.

So many people have discovered the park, using it for wedding photos, or a quiet place to have lunch. Art classes come to draw the flowers, people do yoga there, and it’s a place that our few neighborhood young family’s bring their children to enjoy the outdoors. It is one of the only city parks downtown of its kind, and we are so proud to have it in our district.

Please help us maintain by donating what you can to help our volunteer efforts.  Donations can be made in someone’s name as a way to give a gift over the holidays. If most members of CNI gave $20, that could fund us for a few years to come. Remember that most all the maintenance of the park is handled by just 2 or 3 volunteers for the whole year and a donation shows support to those who help.

This is a time to thank all who have given their efforts and donations in the past, and we are very grateful.

A special thank you to Fred Mohs, that without his support, we could not have come so far or done so much.

Please make a tax deductible donation:

Online using a credit card or PayPal at:

Or make your check payable to Capitol Neighborhoods Inc./ Period Garden Park and mail to:

Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc.
P.O. Box 2613
Madison, WI  53701

For more information about the Period Garden Park, please visit our website at

Wishing all a wonderful holiday season and a bright new year!


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