Upgrading Wisconsin Natural Resources

Wisconsin is gifted with fantastic natural resources – rivers, lakes, and forests, and a state park system to be proud of. Conservation and environmental issues are a deep concern to many Wisconsinites, regardless of political affiliation. However, control of our environment and water resources is being taken away from the people and sold out to big business and corporate interests.

In the last five years, the Walker Administration and legislative Republicans – those in control of state government during this period – have eliminated all general purpose revenue support for our wonderful state parks; have mandated the sale of 10,000 acres of state public lands; have drastically cut funding for the popular and important Stewardship Program; have eliminated funding for scientific research positions at the Department of Natural Resources; have reduced our protection of shorelands and wetlands; and have allowed our state’s environmental infrastructure to deteriorate.

Most recently, those in power have tried – unsuccessfully so far – to sell our public waters to private profiteers – in effect those in power are trying to privatize for a few the public facilities enjoyed by the many.

These actions do not represent Wisconsin values and traditions. Wisconsin’s water and other natural resources belong to the people. And proper budgeting to build and sustain our infrastructure is a fundamental job of our government.

Wisconsin should be upgrading its deteriorating infrastructure and promoting it’s gifted natural resources and outdoor activities. This would spur economic activity, create jobs, and again make Wisconsin a prize destination not only for its citizens but for visitors looking for a healthy, enjoyable place to visit.

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