Amazing Year For Period Garden Park

By Joe Bonardi Of the past nine years that I have volunteered renovating Period Garden Park, 110 East Gorham St., 2016 will always be a standout year, due to the great projects we accomplished. A city grant was granted to us to add a vintage-style park identity sign that was installed this spring next to […]

A Strange Yet Wonderful Spring

Although we are having a strange and unpredictable Spring, it does not feel all that odd for Wisconsin. Our March was the warmest on record, but April was cooler than usual, and this caused everything to bloom at once. It was the first time I have seen Daffodils blooming with the Lilacs, and it has […]

The Spirit Of Giving

What a wonderful year this has been for every kind of horticulture here in Wisconsin. Everything from small gardens to large farming operations enjoyed nearly ideal weather conditions, and the results were amazing. Period Garden Park in the Mansion Hill district had one of the best years since we started it’s restoration nine years ago. […]

So Much Change

It has been a good year at Period Garden Park, and it was near perfect “gardening weather” for most of the season. I hope many of you got a chance to see the highlights of our efforts, such as the tulips and daffodils in early Spring, followed by the peonies and roses of Summer. Alliums […]

A Nod Of Thanks

I notice lately that as our downtown housing development projects are being built, using more and more space vertically and horizontally, I worry that the feel of our city on the Isthmus is getting a bit crammed. “Infill and density” are the terms used for growth, and it often reflects that this is good for […]

A Year To Remember

With the coming of another Winter, my 56th on this earth, I’m already remembering this past spring and summer as one of the best any gardener could have wished for. After a record breaking long winter last year, this past spring brought a beautiful show of Daff odils, Scilla, Tulips, Allium, Bleeding Hearts and Blue […]