“Please join us as a partner”

At the Downtown Madison Rotary meeting on November 9 th , the featured speakers were Jackson Fonder, President and CEO, Catholic Charities Madison, and Bev Thom, Homeless Ministry, Bethel Lutheran Church. Catholic Charities and Bethel Lutheran Church will be working together to provide services for the homeless at Bethel 5 days per week. The collaboration […]

Ensuring Equity; Inspiring Sustainability

The Dane County Board is currently at work on the Dane County budget for 2017. The County Board of Supervisors’ committees are deliberating the budget as proposed by the County Executive and are considering potential amendments. The full Board will consider the results at 7 PM on November 14th. At the two Budget Hearings held […]

Enjoying Cleaner Lakes

Sandwiching downtown Madison, it’s easy to take Lakes Mendota and Monona for granted. As we walk, jog, bike, or drive past them, potentially every day, they are a part of our everyday lives. How can we ensure the water quality of these lakes continues to improve? We can do so by sharing information about the […]

Appreciating Dane County Employees

At the start of every Dane County Board meeting, a Supervisor provides an inspirational message or prayer before we together say the Pledge of Allegiance. At our February 18th meeting, Supervisor Robin Schmidt delivered her inspirational message by which she recognized the many Dane County employees and the service they provide to us all. I’m […]

Preparing Our Future Leaders

We see it all over the news: politicians courting the youth vote, social movements and nonprofits run by Millennials, and an overall increase in the level of social connectedness. Our country’s youngest generations are rightfully demanding to be heard. This increase of the Millennial generation and younger voices is not something to fear; it is […]

Preparations for 2016

My fellow County Board Supervisors and I just finished the extensive process of completing the 2016 Dane County Budget.  The process starts with the County Executive proposing his budget, Supervisors proposing amendments, numerous committees voting on whether or not to support the proposed amendments, and then the Personnel and Finance Committees reviews all of the […]

Improving Dane County Criminal Justice System

In late September, I attended the Wisconsin Counties Association Conference. One of the most interesting sessions I attended was about the Lacrosse County justice system. Through collaboration between leaders of the county, city, judicial, law enforcement, and incarceration governmental organizations, as well as education and training of their respective staffs, fewer people are being jailed […]

The Dane County Way

As State lawmakers finish up work on the Wisconsin budget, they would benefit from looking to Dane County as a model for solutions, rather than hampering our ability to continue our successes. In Dane County we are doing many things right. The facts speak for themselves: We are the most effective job creator among Wisconsin’s […]

Services Available for Our Downtown Neighbors

At the July 13th Bassett Neighborhood meeting, I had the pleasure of joining Alder Mike Verveer as we answered questions about services available downtown for the homeless. We provided more details about a potential move of the Porchlight men’s overnight shelter currently operated out of Grace Episcopal Church on West Washington Avenue. The evening gave […]