About CNI

A neighborhood association might be defined as an organization of citizens bound together by a geographical area who cooperate to support and improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.

Capitol Neighborhoods consists of an area marked by Lake Monona on the southeast, Proudfit Street to Regent St. to Park Street to Lake Mendota, extending along the lakeshore to James Madison Park. Hence, it extends down Blair Street to Lake Monona and back to Proudfit Street.

It was incorporated as a nonstock corporation in 1984 by a group of dedicated neighbors, including Roth Judd, John Howell, Fred Mohs, Terri Berceau, Carol Crossan, Gary Tipler and Lynne Judd.  It is currently divided into five "districts", which have independent identities, but are integral parts of the whole association.

The Districts are: First Settlement, Bassett, Mifflin West, Mansion Hil and, James Madison Park.  Please see the map for the boundaries.  This allows the influence of Capitol Neighborhoods to more completely register on issues within the districts that go beyond the residential enclaves found there.

We are always in the planning stage for future growth of Capitol Neighborhoods. All suggestions are welcome at any time please contact us at: info@capitolneighborhoods.org.

If you would like to be added to the Capitol Neighborhoods email list, please send a request to President@CapitolNeighborhoods.org.

CNI Resources

CNI Development Protocol

The protocol was created to help guide neighborhoods and developers alike through the neighborhood and city development process. There are two documents: the Neighborhood Edition (which is the complete version) and the Developer Edition (which is an abbreviated version containing sections most pertinent to developers).