Development Review Oversight Committee

Mission: Maintain a uniform protocol for the Districts to use, establish the role of CNI and the Districts when proposals have overlapping impacts, assess broader neighborhood impacts of proposals, and provide training and support for District reviews and steering committees.

CNI Development Protocol
Neighborhood Edition (complete version)
Developer Edition (abbreviated version)

Finance Committee

Mission: Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc., Finance Committee shall endeavor to further the mission of CNI through prudent, effective, employment of funds raised by CNI Development Committee, and other ongoing and intermittent capitol raising campaigns.

Membership/Media/Development Committee

Mission: To retain and increase membership of CNI. Maintain and improve the CNI Newsletter (Downtown Dialogue) and the CNI website (, to provide outlets for information of interest to residents of downtown Madison, to insure the financial viability and sustainability of CNI, and to recognize and seize on opportunities to promote the CNI area as a place to live, work and recreate. An additional mission is to publicize programs and to increase the visibility of CNI throughout the City of Madison.

Physical Linkages Committee

Mission : Support the efforts of the districts to develop and maintain adherence to neighborhood plans; advocate for improved traffic management, transportation options and the development of more walkable neighborhoods; and promote appropriate ornamental lighting and streetscape improvements.

Policy Committee

Mission:To advise the Executive Council in the development and implementation of CNI policy positions that properly further and enhance the mission and goals of CNI; to promote the work of CNI through advisory statements, position statements, press releases and other opportunities to display CNI accomplishments and positions; to prepare and recommend to the Executive Council proposed CNI positions and public statements and to develop and facilitate delivery of such communications.

Program Committee

Mission : Serve members of CNI, downtown residents, friends of downtown, entities with a vested interest in downtown and elected officials who represent downtown political districts by providing opportunities for learning, networking, socializing, and advocacy.

Our goal is to provide options for themes, venues, and times that meet the needs of our various constituents and to continually improve all aspects of our offerings so that our constituents are drawn to participate because of the high quality of the programs.