Homeless Services

Jeff Vercauteren

Capitol Neighborhoods recently hosted a forum on downtown homeless services to provide residents with an opportunity to hear about the outstanding work that many organizations are doing on this issue. We as downtown residents are generally very familiar with and educated about homeless issues and recognize that improving homeless services and facilities in our city […]

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Mansion Hill Progress

Gene Devitt

For those who have been reading the Mansion Hill Neighborhood Report year after year, it seems like it is just one fight after another even though one has to admit that the Mansion Hill Historic District and Neighborhood has come through all of this in better shape that it has been for many years. A […]

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Improving Dane County Criminal Justice System

Dane County Supervisor Mary Kolar

In late September, I attended the Wisconsin Counties Association Conference. One of the most interesting sessions I attended was about the Lacrosse County justice system. Through collaboration between leaders of the county, city, judicial, law enforcement, and incarceration governmental organizations, as well as education and training of their respective staffs, fewer people are being jailed […]

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So Much Change

Joe Bonardi

It has been a good year at Period Garden Park, and it was near perfect “gardening weather” for most of the season. I hope many of you got a chance to see the highlights of our efforts, such as the tulips and daffodils in early Spring, followed by the peonies and roses of Summer. Alliums […]

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Budget Season

Mayor Paul Soglin

It’s budget time and after weeks of meetings with staff and residents, my 2016 Executive Capital Budget and 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Plan [CIP] reflect the continuing need to replace our aging infrastructure while investing limited financial resources in affordable housing, economic growth, and services to the City’s diverse population. Agency requests and reauthorizations of prior […]

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Aging and Disability Services

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

In his Biennial State Budget Governor Walker proposed privatizing our local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). At Dane County we found this unacceptable. Our local ADRC is a one–stop-shop that connects seniors and the disabled with critical services available to them through various federal, state and community resources. In 2014 alone, the Dane County […]

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Serving the People of the 26th Senate District

State Senator Fred Risser

While most legislation deals with human behavior and welfare, efforts to provide for the care and welfare of pets and other animals is also important. This session I am working on two initiatives that will help strengthen our laws to protect animals from injury and abuse. Two sessions ago I cast the lone vote in […]

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Wisconsin Women Lose Once Again

State Representative Chris Taylor

As the Legislature gets underway for the fall session, it is clear that Republican policy makers have set their sights on both shutting off vital biomedical research under the guise of limiting abortions, but also making it more difficult for Wisconsin women to access birth control, and cervical and breast cancer screenings. Assembly Bill 310 […]

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Jeff Vercauteren

This is an exciting time for Capitol Neighborhoods! After several months of behind the scenes work, we are in the process of rolling out our new website and electronic membership system. This is the culmination of an effort we started over a year ago to explore how to better communicate with our members and the […]

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