A Strange Yet Wonderful Spring

Joe Bonardi

Although we are having a strange and unpredictable Spring, it does not feel all that odd for Wisconsin. Our March was the warmest on record, but April was cooler than usual, and this caused everything to bloom at once. It was the first time I have seen Daffodils blooming with the Lilacs, and it has […]

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Creative Learning Preschool’s “Here for Good Campaign”

Capitol Neighborhoods

Despite the bountiful amenities and family-supporting careers we enjoy in downtown Madison, the downtown has become a sort of ‘childcare desert.’ In fact, there is only one city-accredited center open to the public that provides daycare for infants in central downtown: Creative Learning Preschool. The CLP ‘Here for Good’ Capital Campaign is committed to raising […]

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What’s Happening With The Dane County Board Of Supervisors?

Dane County Supervisor Mary Kolar

Oil pipeline expansion. For over a year, the Zoning and Land Regulation Committee (ZLR), of which I’m now the Chair, had to respond to actions resulting from a request for a Conditional Use Permit in northeast Dane County. Oil pipeline company Enbridge wanted to expand the capacity of its Line 61. Per federal law, we […]

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Ride the Drive

Mayor Paul Soglin

Back for its 8th year, Ride the Drive presented by Trek is turning the downtown streets of Madison into a biker and walkers haven on Sunday, July 31. This community event opens our downtown streets to cyclists, rollerblades, and residents to enjoy a car-free few hours. There will be plenty of activities as four Activity […]

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Dane County Has Been and Will Continue to Be a Leader In Our Efforts to Clean Up Our Lakes

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi

The challenges our lakes face today accumulated over decades and there is no cheap, simple, short term fix. Like all of the important work we do, sustained partnerships and a shared will to implement effective solutions will incrementally bring improvement and progress. That progress is worth noting. Over the past five years, Dane County led […]

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Solicitor ALEC

State Representative Chris Taylor

Somehow, despite cutting public schools and the UW system, borrowing to fund transportation, and decimating the Department of Natural Resources, the GOP found a way to fund a new and largely unaccountable Solicitor General with several new deputies, charged with using taxpayer money to fight ideological battles in court. Wisconsin Solicitor General Misha Tseytlin’s position […]

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Saving the Downtown Post Office

Jeff Vercauteren

As part of the upcoming renovation of the Madison Municipal Building, the United States Post Office that has been located in the building for several decades will need to be relocated, at least temporarily. The initial proposal by the United States Postal Service was to permanently relocate the downtown post office to the current location […]

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Now & Then: Bracketology for Buildings

Michael K. Bridgeman

Each spring brings a lot of talk about brackets for fans of the NCAA basketball championships. Being more of building guy than a sports guy, I think about brackets on buildings. An architectural bracket projects from a wall in order to support something else like a beam or cornice. Brackets had their heyday in the […]

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Mansion Hill Historic District Street Signs

Capitol Neighborhoods

By Fred Mohs Thanks to the leadership of Alder, Ledell Zellers, all of the street signs in the Mansion Hill Historic District have been changed to ones that announce the Historic District along with a picture of 28 East Gilman. After consulting with many neighbors, we decided that Gene Devitt’s house, 28 East Gilman, was […]

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