A Strange Yet Wonderful Spring

Although we are having a strange and unpredictable Spring, it does not feel all that odd for Wisconsin. Our March was the warmest on record, but April was cooler than usual, and this caused everything to bloom at once. It was the first time I have seen Daffodils blooming with the Lilacs, and it has been quite the show for most of our gardens.

It has been a hectic Spring at Period Garden Park, with the completion two big projects. We are very excited to have our large three tiered cast iron fountain in the center raised flower bed rigged to run water for the first time since it was installed six years ago. Through a kind and generous donation made to the Parks Foundation, it is now possible for any visitor to the park to enjoy the sound and beauty of this large water feature for years to come. I must thank Grant Frautschi, president of the Parks Foundation for all of his help arranging this project, and working with our city Parks and neighborhood association to make this possible.

With a grant from the city, we also have a new, vintage style sign that blends in well with the historic neighborhood. I must thank Linda Horvath with the grant program for her help and guidance getting the sign project completed. Along with these two new wonderful additions, Period Garden Park will continue to delight visitors for a long time to come.

Thanks to our wonderful neighbor, Fred Mohs. Without his years of support, none of the improvements could have been possible. Mio Suzuki and Paul Wilhite have been very generous again this year and deserve many thanks. Our wonderful Alder and neighbor Ledell Zellers for her continued interest and support of the park, and many others that have contributed.

A huge thank you to the volunteers of Blackhawk church and their “ Love Madison” project. Once a year the congregation goes all over the city helping with volunteer projects. Each spring for many years, they have helped us weed and mulch Period Park. A special thanks to Sandra Jones, my most stalwart helper at the park.

To volunteer, contact Joe Bonardi at 608-283- 0517. Donate online or make a check payable and mail to:

Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc.
P.O. Box 2613
Madison, WI 53701-2613

Be sure to write Period Garden Park on your check.

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